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During the offseason http://www.jacksonvillejaguarsteamonline.com/brandon-linder-jersey , the NFL told everyone that the new rule against lowering the helmet to initiate contact would be a major change that would result in players getting regularly flagged and fined, and sometimes ejected and suspended. It hasnít worked out that way.In fact, the penalty has only been called four times all season, and on three of those occasions the player who committed the penalty wasnít even fined after the league office reviewed the hit. Only one player, Jaguars defensive end Malik Jackson http://www.jacksonvillejaguarsteamonline.com/josh-lambo-jersey , has been flagged on the field for lowering the helmet and then fined after the league reviewed the video.The helmet rule has only been flagged four times all season, after officials were calling it 1.5 times a game early in the preseason. And according to Jonathan Jones of SI.com, only four players have been fined for violating the helmet rule ó and those werenít the same four players who were fined, other than Jackson.Cincinnati safety Shawn Williams, Jacksonville linebacker Telvin Smith and Minnesota defensive tackle Linval Joseph are the three players who have been penalized for the rule http://www.jacksonvillejaguarsteamonline.com/jermey-parnell-jersey , other than Jackson. But the NFL reviewed those hits and decided not to fine them for lowering the helmet. Meanwhile, three players ó Kansas City running back Kareem Hunt, Arizona linebacker Haason Reddick and Baltimore linebacker Patrick Onwuasor ó have been fined even though the officials didnít call the penalty.So this rule change, which was supposedly going to drastically alter the way the game is played, has resulted in exactly one play all season that was flagrant enough for the officials on the field and the league office reviewing the video to both agree that it deserved sanction. The rule against lowering the helmet has turned into a big nothing.Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Tennessee Titans: Week 3 sack analysis The Jacksonville Jaguars limped their way to one of their worst offensive performances (while the defense played one of its best) and lost to the Tennessee Titans by a score of 9-6.The box score shows three sacks on Blake Bortles http://www.jacksonvillejaguarsteamonline.com/tashaun-gipson-jersey , but is that a reflection of the offensive line or were there some other players at fault?Letís take a look.Sack #1: 1st & 15 at JAX 47, 12:58 left in 1QB.Bortles sacked at JAX 43 for -4 yards (W.Woodyard)After a silly delay of game penalty where Blake seemingly didnít know what was on the play clock, he rolls out to the right and has tight end James OíShaughnessy seemingly open on the fly going towards the right sideline.Itís a strange play design, but itís definitely on Bortles who is a little jumpy in the pocket and needs to throw the ball away.Fault: Blake BortlesSack #2: 1st & 10 at TEN 45, 14:20 left in 4QB.Bortles sacked at TEN 47 for -2 yards (K.Vaccaro).Harold Landry lines up on the edge and gets around right tackle Jermey Parnell with his speed. Kenny Vaccaro gets the clean up sack.Fault: Jermey ParnellSack #3: 2nd & 2 at JAX 33 http://www.jacksonvillejaguarsteamonline.com/barry-church-jersey , 4:00 left in 4Q(Shotgun) B.Bortles sacked at JAX 28 for -5 yards (J.Casey). FUMBLES (J.Casey), recovered by JAX-B.Linder at JAX 29. B.Linder to JAX 29 for no gain (W.Woodyard)What a cluster. Parnell again lets his man (this time itís Derrick Morgan) get a little pressure. Newly installed right guard Chris Reed gets dragged way out of position which is what givesJurrell Casey as open a lane as he had, leaving Brandon Linder vulnerable and clearing the way for a Bortles fumble.Fault: Chris ReedSummaryAll in all, there were a few isolated sacks and pressures, but nothing that warranted the abysmal day that Bortles had. This team would do well to have A.J. Cann back in the lineup but to say the pass protection was the reason Bortles struggled would be incorrect.2018 sack totalsPlayerSacksPlayerSacksUp next: The New York Jets!

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