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The painter, the real painter always works with his flexible hands, smart brain, broad vision, and beyond imagination to create the most primitive and ecologically most interesting paintings. Da Vinci is one of them. The slight smile of his Mona Lisa makes the world cherish the heart By Newport 100. The great Mona Lisa whose painting art influence is often appear in my mind. I started from junior high school. I think of her from time to time, she can be said that she is my "first love." When I was in junior high school, I saw a girl in the class like Mona Lisa. Unfortunately, she didn't have that smile, so I was hiding from her Chicago Cigarettes Prices Cartons. I haven't had any intersection with her until now. Maybe I like Mona. Lisa was only because of her smile. Mona Lisa was an artistic value at the beginning. After being circulated, there were countless speculators imitating and pirating, making the authenticity difficult to distinguish. This led me to sometimes lose confidence in real art. In fact, I have never seen the real portrait of Mona Lisa. It can only be viewed through the illustrations of books and the layouts in the computer. It is obviously very different from the original, even if it is copied from the original paintings. A little bit of charm, but I still yearn for the smile, mysterious smile of Mona Lisa. The author Wholesale Marlboro Red 100'S, Da Vinci, has been in his life, I am strange but understand. Real artists are probably busy with the world they understand, and there is no more leisure time to understand the lives of normal people. People's judgments on artists are also contradictory. They both yearn for their persistence and sensitivity to art, and they are afraid of living a life that is not comfortable with them. But I don't think any field needs someone to get involved Cheap Newport 100S Free Shipping, and the real artist is involved in a knife mountain that we dare to look up to, with his blood and strength to leave us a blossoming red peach Make Newport 100. Artists of all ages have the pursuit of the ultimate skills, and the pursuit of the ultimate emotion, and only the combination of the two will be seen by later generations, showing that balance is the best state of art, but also the life The best state of the Mona Lisa that often appears in my mind is the same as the real painting? Is it the same as Leonardo da Vinci? I think she has been transformed, and the name is still a symbol of my heart.

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