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I don't know your husband, how many years in this year, if you are in your twenties this year, you may wish to turn over the May Fourth Movement: In 1932, the New Cultural Revolution had assessed its status in the old culture of ancient poetry, and Mr. Lu Xun explained the new culture. "Poetry Rhyme" refers to a kind of rhyme book used to write poetry. It is a reform, an innovation, a retro style according to the five sounds of the word sound (Yin Ping, Yang Ping, Shang, Go, and Entry). The five-character and eight-character examinations in the era of the imperial examinations are based on the ancient poems or idioms to give the two words for poetry. The Qing dynasty also stipulates that each song is a rhetoric, that is, five words and one sentence, sixteen sentences, one sentence, two sentences and one rhyme. Here, those revolutionary slogans, empty and empty works, I am also ignorant, and the ancient poetry is a layman. Because it was a new culture, in the army, Mao Zedong read the Yanan literary speech: this document is still a milestone in the current era. I don��t read very well, it��s very fur, and I��m not convinced about the eight-part essays, the children, and the times are moving forward. Now in 2015, decades later, the cultural revolution poetry is retro, I don��t know that modern people are still keen on the sediment of ancient history. . The new poetry has no format, is rich in the characteristics of the new era, and has an era of vitality and humanistic atmosphere: I have written impromptu writing in Pu Ping's anthology, these writings deserve the human mood, not seeking gorgeous Buy Newport Online Cheap, beautiful words. The revolution has been going on for decades. Why do young people in their twenties are so rigid, reading new books, wearing old shoes Newport Cigs Cheap, walking the mountain road, if the "new rhyme messenger" is a person in their fifties Wholesale Marlboro Red 100'S Cigarettes, then there is still the wish, the old man Accepting fresh knowledge slowly, unable to keep up with the times, staying in the inherent frame, forever in this long river of history, being washed by the sea to the beach, I think it is too long, too short, too fat, too thin, waste disease, The old and the weak can't write poetry; according to the sound spirit, the sound body Newport Cigarettes At Wholesale Prices, the poetry and the text will be weak, and the national movement will follow, so it is good at cheering, and in order to prevent the micro-spitting, it should also be forbidden; if it is a headache, fever, cold, it is only necessary. Temporarily prohibited Newport Red 100 Online. If the poems of the sighing symbols are used, although they are not published, they will also avoid the quarantine of the arbitrarily arbitrarily arrogant, and immediately prevent them from spreading the disease. In China's long-term feudal society, it has created a splendid ancient culture, cleaned up the process of ancient cultural development, removed its feudal dross, absorbed its essence of democracy, developed the new culture of the nation, and raised the necessary conditions for national self-confidence. The eclecticism must distinguish the ancient feudal decaying things from the ancient excellent people's culture to our new Chinese culture. Standing in front of every people, we should greet it. Change, the cause of the rise and fall of a culture, a thousand things. Du Mu Shiyun: Dongfeng does not give Zhou Lang, Tongque Chunshen locks two Joe. In the culture, some people have painstakingly promoted development, and some people have reversed their beliefs and believe in obscurantism.

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