#1 You will see a glitched black screen von Jodonone 03.09.2019 09:49

The Xbox glitch is basically the same as PS4, it merely uses the Xbox port instead.Lose a match in the Under Armor Cages. When it is going to end, bring up the quick menu and then scroll to"Multiplayer." You should see yourself at a one-person party in case you are not playing with friends. Tap the party icon and press"view profile card." Press"Join Party or game." Maintain up the menu with the choice to"join game" emphasized mt nba 2k20. When you see the collected VC amount descend to zero, then click"join match."

If you have done it right, you will see a glitched black screen. If you see that your MyPlayer, try again.You'll be sent straight back to the dashboard after a very long load. Reboot, and you will see your Badge tiers are upgraded. If you did not possess the Badge at all, you'll see it as bronze.Rinse and repeat until you get every Badge at Hall of Fame level.This glitch clearly won't transfer badges beyond the stat caps for your player's archetype, but it can still save you heaps of hours of pointless grinding (and maybe money) to make your MyPlayer feel good to perform with.

As with all glitches, it is likely 2K will patch this one quite quickly by the game's programmers at Visual Concepts. This glitch still works as of upgrade 1.07, but will likely be rendered useless with a patch very soon. It should also be mentioned that 2K has a history of attacking gamers who make the most of glitches. Typically this just has to do with VC farming, nba 2k20 mt coins for sale but it is possible using this glitch might result in a ban too. To put it differently, it could be safer to try this with a brand new player instead of a proven one.

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