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A cardiologist is a medical doctor who specializes in the cardiovascular system http://www.authenticathleticsprostore.com/athletics-glenn-hubbard-jersey/ , which basically consists of the heart, arteries and veins. In addition, A cardiologist is a physician who specializes in the treatment of conditions of the heart and the cardiovascular system, the system that circulates blood and oxygen throughout the body. It has been seen that people who commit cigarettes, have a higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease which ultimately results to coronary artery disease and increase the risk of heart attacks.

Effects of smoking:
• Smoking increases the risk of cardiovascular disease by increasing blood pressure, decreasing tolerance to exercise, and increasing blood clotting tendencies. Smoking is also associated with recurrent heart disease after coronary bypass surgery.

Functional specifications of cardiologists- Cardiologists treat conditions including heart disease, high cholesterol, cardiac infarction http://www.authenticathleticsprostore.com/athletics-dennis-eckersley-jersey/ , high blood pressure and arrhythmia. Moreover, Treatment modalities may include surgery, medication and suggestions for lifestyle changes.
Types of cardiologists- Although, within the specialty of cardiology, there can be several sub-specialties. Such as non-invasive cardiologists work primarily in office settings, and a large part of their practice is based on diagnosing heart problems. Also, experts in imaging technologies and other types of testing, but do not perform procedures such as heart surgeries.

While Invasive cardiologists, in addition to diagnosing problems http://www.authenticathleticsprostore.com/athletics-dave-henderson-jersey/ , are qualified to perform cardiac catheterizations. Interventional cardiologists have more training and perform intensive procedures such as angioplasty and the placement of stents to help open up arteries. Hence, Cardiac surgery is used less often than in the past, due to the advent of new, less invasive technologies, whereas, some cardiologists do still have practices that are strictly surgery-based.

Benefits- As the job outlook for cardiologists is excellent, with growth in the field expected to grow at an above average rate. In addition, Cardiologists can choose to work with many different types of populations including pediatric, neonatal http://www.authenticathleticsprostore.com/athletics-catfish-hunter-jersey/ , adult and senior patients and can work in a variety of settings from private practice to large hospitals.

• Since Heart disease is the leading cause of mortality in the world today, and for this reason the demand for cardiologists can be expected to continue to rise. Also, life expectancy continues to rise each year, therefore, this will continue to increase demand for specialists in all fields of medicine. Although, the prevalence rate for heart disease is approximately one in 12, or eight percent of the population per year.
• Beside, from treating acute problems, non-invasive cardiologists are even getting more involved in the prevention of serious heart problems by recommending lifestyle changes such as exercise and changes towards a healthier diet. Besides http://www.authenticathleticsprostore.com/athletics-andrew-triggs-jersey/ , Cardiologists can play a major role in improving patients' overall health by providing education and resources on how to improve heart health and helping patients monitor their conditions.

Some of the Surgeries performed by Cardiologists in Kanpur, Cardiologists in Varanasi, Cardiologists in Hubli-Dharwar Since, Heart surgeons perform valve repairs or replacements, bypass surgeries, widening of narrow arteries, aneurysm repairs, and implantations of defibrillator and pacemaker devices and repairs of congenital defects, such as holes in the heart. Moreover http://www.authenticathleticsprostore.com/hats/ , they also care for their patients during the postoperative hospital course.

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