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Look no further. christian louboutin heels uk sale delivers a classic pointy toe pump with a hint of sultriness. The Pigalle Plato comes in two different colors of patent leather - nude and black. Unlike many other pumps that are out on the market, these Louboutin heels have a slender platform that offers "an added touch of support from below". The thin platform keeps the heel looking seamless and classic.When I first tried on a pair of Pigalle Platos, the heels felt very snug on my feet. My feet are fairly narrow. Generally, shoes by Louboutin are usually fitted for narrow feet.

christian louboutin shoes outlet uk creates every pair of heels and shoes like it is a piece of valuable art. With that being said, each pair is created with high quality craftsmanship. Similar to other Louboutin heels, the Pigalle Plato heels are created with the greatest attention to detail. Each stitch and seam is perfect. Because each pair of heels are handmade, one may see slight differences between different pairs of shoes. However, the exceptional quality will always be there. I mean, you're paying close to $800 for a pair of heels. So, the quality of craftsmanship should be present right?

For his iconic red-soled shoes, christian louboutin sneakers sale uk is the definition of beauty and elegance. He is synomynous with fashion and luxury. Christian Louboutin has shoes with styles ranging from classic to cutting edge. I decided to invest in a pair of classic Pigalle Plato pumps. These pairs of heels have a refined silouette that is timeless and classic. With Louboutin's exquisite attention to detail, these pumps are so versatile that they can be easily paired with casual or dressier outfits.

christian louboutin women shoes outlet once said that he values beauty over comfortability. "Each pair of shoes is a work of art." With that being said, the Pigalle Plato heels are semi-comfortable. The narrow toe box cause the wearer's toes to be squeezed tightly together. This may cause the 'wearing' experience to be slightly unpleasant. Unlike smooth leather heels, patent leather heels are unforgiving on the feet and requires time for the leather to conform to the shape and anatomy of your feet. However, there is a good amount of cushioning in the insoles of the shoe, especially at the heels.

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